Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera - Temp Price Drop

Blackmagic Design is temporarily reducing the price of the Pocket Cinema Camera to $495.  That's like 50% off the regular price.  It shoots RAW and, with the latest update on Friday, 4 flavors of Apple Pro Res.  This is cheaper then a new canon camera with higher detail since all the compression is lossless unlike h.264.  This was too good of a deal to pass up, so I am now the owner of one of these cameras.  

Filming Again

My second film will be released later this year.  I find my self behind the camera and at the editing bay all over again.  I am extremely happy with what has been coming out.  Here is the latest trailer for Piper's World. 



Release Date and Trailer

Distributor has given the release date of February 7th for "Breaking Man" and have released a trailer.  Honestly I am glad to see the film get a nice polished trailer since I didn't have time to do one.

Indie Film Goes Distro

My indie film that we shot last year just got a distribution deal, pretty cool since the director said that he never set out to make a marketable movie.  Will be spending the next few weeks tweaking the cut for the DVD.  

Time to Paint Again

I finally have found some time to paint again.  After a few months of doing filming and a couple weeks of doing roto, I finally sat behind my computer started from and empty canvas once again.  I had been reading some books on 15th century Italy and playing a little Assassin's Creed 2, so that will probably explain the fresco style of the painting.  I just wanted to create something muted with alot of atmosphere.  I think it works considering its a two hour painting.

Director of Photography

Wrapping up an independant film this week.  Finally I get some time to work on VFX.  Don't get me wrong being a DoP was an awesome experience but I want to get back in front of Photoshop or Nuke.  Also my Cinitq is getting lonely.  I will post the film trailer when we get it cut.  Hopefully I will get some time to add to the site here.  Im tired of looking at nothing as Im sure all of you are. We will see if I can throw some more painting tutorials out there as well.


Happy Painting

Coming Soon

I am still in the progress of building the website but I would like to announce that there will be a new tutorial section that will have photoshop tutorials and maybe some nuke and maya tutorials as well.  Keep tuned in and I will let you know when it goes live.